Liz Potgieter, Psychotherapist & Trauma Counselor:

Liz Potgieter, Psychotherapist, Trauma Counsellor

Liz Potgieter Counselor
B Psych & Honours Degree & Candidate for
MPhil Business Coaching

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Liz Potgieter is an experienced Psychotherapist, Trauma Counselor, Life Coach and Group Facilitator. Her counselling offices are based in Sea Point. Liz worked at the  CTDCC (Cape Town Drug Counselling Centre) for addiction, and now working with Beach House, second facility for Stepping Stones Addiction Clinic.

Her focus is in the following areas:

Couples Counselling
Emotional Issues
Depression and Coaching

Extensive Experience as Trauma Counselor

Liz has many years of Corporate Workshop course facilitation skills including twelve years of Business Management experience.

Due to the many facets of South African Suburban and Urban living there is an overwhelming number of traumatic conditions arising from cultural issues within the communities. As a result, Liz has developed extensive experience through enabling survivors of abuse and addiction that have suffered extreme trauma from violence and torture. She has proactively empowered survivors to deal with these traumatic conditions, and consulted with refugees suffering from Xenophobia whilst dealing with their re-traumatized fears during their re-location to refugee camps for safety. She has actively participated with containment exercises to help individuals cope with their new environment and challenges to find employment.

Liz was instrumental in preparing Group Workshops and discussions for ladies involved in traumatic experiences caused by domestic violence and abuse. She designed workshops to empower mothers to correct destructive parenting. Read More and Download Liz Potgieter’s Credentials

Term of services:

Short term therapy: up to 8 sessions

Long term therapy:

Discounted fees for up front payment of 8 sessions

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Counselling Fee:

Medical Aid Rates Apply
Private Client Fees are Negotiable

Therapy and Counselling Practice Areas:

Travelling Practice (Travel Expenses apply)
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